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Starting On 30th January 2017
10 STEPS TO RECLAIM YOUR LIFE After Separation And Divorce 
Having A Broken Heart Is Like Having Broken Ribs. On The Outside You Look Fine, But Every Breath Hurts ...

Couples break up all the time right? 
And everyone says, 'get over it', 'move on', 'plenty more fish in the sea' or 'just let it go'

 But the very idea of 'letting go' reminds you of what you've already lost. How can you let go when you know you're going to fall?

It's Not About Letting Go Of The Past ... It's About Building A New Foundation For Your Life
Numerology tells us that 2016 was a year of endings. But as every ending is also the beginning of something new, this year, more than any other, is the perfect time to finally reclaim your life.

However, you can't just jump from where you are to where you want to be in a heartbeat ...

You may have heard that it takes 21 days to change something
In fact it takes a minimum of 21 days for your brain to begin to accept new information

10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life is a 10 week LIVE interactive program
10 steps over 10 weeks to help you heal your broken heart and learn to live again

It can feel like a risk to embrace the future
And it can feel overwhelming or impossible to think of doing it on your own

This year you are not alone ...

This year you can join '10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life’ Private Facebook Group 
I'm Allanah Hunt, author of 'BEYOND THE PAIN - 10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life After Separation & Divorce'  and founder of Power & Freedom. 

14 years ago, my husband and I separated after 2 kids and 18 years of marriage. 
I felt completely lost and alone as I tried to build a new life for myself
I struggled with my emotions as I sought to find a new foundation for my life and for a while I failed miserably

In time, I discovered that I already had everything I needed within me. 
I learned the secrets to harnessing my personal power, to moving Beyond The Pain of the past and embracing my future.

And I want to share those same secrets with you so that you too can embrace a life of Power & Freedom
Join with me and take the 10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life in 2017 ...

Break free from the pain of your separation or divorce
Claim your personal power through a series of step by step processes
Build a new identity which will form the foundation for your new life
Redefine your past so that it no longer has any power over you
Rediscover the wonderful person you are
Create the life of your dreams through the power of choice

You already have everything you need to make your life a masterpiece, but you must harness your power on the inside to create what you want on the outside 
- Allanah Hunt
Here's How It Works
  • Weekly Knowledge - Every week, for 10 weeks, I will post a video to introduce the new step we will explore together. Further information will be shared via worksheets, action steps and support
  • Case Studies - Each week I will post a case study which will give you insight into how to apply the 10 steps in your own life and your own situation
  • Support - You will receive daily support and coaching from me and further support from other members as you take the 10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life 
  • Daily Action - I will share a specific tool you can use to learn more about yourself. As you learn more about yourself, you will rediscover your power to Reclaim Your Life. I encourage you to ask questions to help you apply these tools to your own life
  • Sharing - You are invited to share your experiences with the group and ask for support or feedback. There is comfort in the fact that you are not alone and that other people have been where you are. You are not obliged to participate in group discussion however, as we are all at different stages on our journey, others are often able to provide personal insight into something you may be struggling with. 
Each daily step builds from the one before so that before long, you are walking a brand new path. 
In just a few minutes a day, you can begin to feel more free, more empowered and more alive than you have for a very long time ... or maybe ever!

Imagine being happy, joyful and confident every day of your life
Let your mind drift to all the wonderful new experiences you could create for yourself
Take a moment to think about the fabulous relationships you could build

Receive A FREE eCopy Of BEYOND THE PAIN When You Join 
'10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life' Private Facebook Group

In this recently updated version of my book, written as a transformational journey from 'stuckness' to freedom, you will discover a range of tools to help you take the 10 Steps To Reclaim Your Life After Separation & Divorce. Complete with case studies, specific exercises and 'writing prompts', you will rediscover your personal power, rebuild your identity and finally figure out how to create your life anew.

Some of the concepts we will explore include:
  • The Stress Scale - Recognise and understand the impact that stress has on your body, your mind and your energy and learn healthy ways to manage your emotions
  • The Heal Me Journal - If you've kept pain bottled up for a long time, this tool will allow you to release your feelings in a safe and structured environment
  • Challenging Perceptions - Taking a step outside your current understanding can give you new and powerful insights which can instantly dissolve anger, confusion, fear and sadness
  • Forgiveness - Forgiving yourself as well as others is the beginning of all freedom
  • Affirmations In Motion - Writing your own personal affirmations is a powerful tool in building self-esteem and self-confidence
  • A New You - The image you have of yourself and the face you present to the world, creates your reality. Learn how to redefine and create a new identity for yourself
  • Finding Love Again - It can be difficult to trust after heartbreak but once you step into your own life, you will discover that people will be drawn to you, to want to know you and to love you
  • And much more ...
"I will make TODAY the first day of the rest of my life"

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